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LSMG is incrediblyespeciallyextremely customizable in our service offerings

You have already succeeded by starting in the journey. Let us help you continue the journey with ease as we help guide your path.


Consulting is something we offer as a part of every service, but what makes us unique is the ability to execute and deliver results!

Secure / Encrypt / Defend

HIPAA Compliance, Encryption Services, Large Secure File Send, Email Archiving and Retraction, Malware and Spam Protection, we have you covered.

App Integrations

There’s an app for that and we can help design solutions that integrate with your web platform to deliver a seamless experience.

Application Hosting

We are a Microsoft, ZixCorp, and Dell EMC Partner. This means we can support your IT implementation and long term management.

Web Design

We develop websites that focuses on creating connections and adding value to your potential and existing customers.

Help Desk Support

Reducing cost and increasing security is possible. We offer a simple and scalable approach that makes it easy to get started.
Analytic Services

Who We Are

LSMG, for short! We are a small boutique SMB solutions provider that offers consulting and implementation services. We work with great companies ranging from medical and accounting to law firms and oil and gas EPC’s.

No matter how big your problem is, there is a way to overcome even the biggest of challenges with a little help and guidance.

A Company You Can Trust

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