Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answer is no. We are unique in that we are actually in a position to implement our strategies directly and through a network of premier partnerships. Of course, if you wish to just use us for consulting, that is perfectly fine too. He offer ad-hoc, per project and long term plans.

As more companies and websites have been impacted by cyber-security, we only provide full web hosting management. This allows us to have complete control, and complete responsibility for updates and issues related to your site. If you want to host with another provider, we understand, but we will not be able to service your site. We do offer free site migration. Additionally, upon request, you will have access to your site 24/7.

For us, it is a matter of involvement. Our consulting services can consist of assessment, strategy development, implementation and/or review, whereas we perform the services. Our coaching approach is more directly focused around the team not the task or project. We tell our clients, the best way to figure out which service they need is to figure out who will be answering most of the question.

We primarily focus on Organic SEO methods. This allows for companies to have a more long term approach and can cost less in the long run. PPC strategies work, but they stop as soon as you stop paying. Creating Quality Content, Building Brand Awareness and Site Authority are things that will last. This is not to say we are against PPC, and a lot of times we will recommend a hybrid approach to take advantage of the short term gains. At the end of the day, this is not an exact science, but the methods and strategies applied correctly will deliver results. Online marketing is changing at a faster rate than ever before and so we must continually change as well.

We are vendor agnostic and can work with any vendor, however, we do have direct partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, Zixcorp, Tawk, GoDaddy, TechData, and others. We currently use Google for advertising and marketing campaigns as 90+% of searches are funneled through their platform, however, we no longer recommend Google for mail or web hosting due to company policies and past privacy concerns. If you have any concerns or questions, send us an email. We would love to chat.

I know you have heard this before, but it is true; every project we take on is unique. Yes there are similarities, but there are a few factors that really make the difference: Bundling, Speed of Delivery, and Internal Application Impact. Even though our process may be very defined, how it applies to our client's is totally different. Set up a discovery call, we promise we won't even talk cost the first time, unless you want to.